Counseling Services

Life Connections, Inc. has a trained and certified staff of Christian Counselors. They are members of the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA). Some counseling services are provided pro-bono to accepted clients. Other (free to the client) counseling is available via special set aside donations.

Our counselors evaluate candidates to qualify them for certain half-way housing facilities in Southern Alabama and The Florida Panhandle areas.

Company Profile

We are a faith based (nondenominational and non-profit) charitable organization incorporated in the state of Alabama for the express purpose of re-connecting people to a fruitful life.

We can provide referrals to many services for those at risk and re-entry training programs for ex-offenders. We offer life skill training and mentoring to individuals that qualify. We also provide education and job placement services to our clients.

Special community building classes and individual psychological evaluation and counseling can be provided to those that qualify. We have a staff of ordained ministers that can provide mentoring and counseling free of charge.

Life Connections is funded by grants and private donations entirely. All our services are free to our clients.

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